Florida-Bahamas SWO
Fall Gathering
November 8-10, 2019

“Come to the Table”, Luke 17:7

Thank you for your interest in registering early for the 2019 Fall Gathering. Although you are now able to register for the Fall Gathering, you cannot select your workshops at this time (workshops will not be posted until June 1).

If you choose to complete your Fall Gathering registration now, you will be notified once the workshops have been announced and you can complete the selection process at that time — online or via paper registration.

If you prefer to wait until the workshop sessions are announced, please exit from this screen and your Fall Gathering registration (payment and room selection) will not be processed at this time.

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I hereby certify and submit that I am a Voting Member representative of the Women of the ELCA congregational unit from my church (above) for the 2019 SWO Convention.

Note: Voting Members and Alternates are designated by the church unit.

Room Preferences

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Please note

  • All housing units are two stories without elevators.
  • Single registrations will be assigned a roommate.
  • All rooms are non-smoking. A $150 penalty will be charged for smoking in rooms.
  • No alcohol is permitted on the premises. A penalty will be charged if the alcohol policy is violated.



  • Registration 45.00
    • Waived for Spouses
  • Room/Meals 169.00
  • Processing 5.95


  • All fees are transferable—not refundable.
  • Cancellations prior to October 15th will receive a full refund less $10.00.
  • Confirmation of room assignments, map to Lake Yale, workshop information and registration, and other information will be sent starting October 15th.
  • By registering for the Florida Bahamas SWO Fall Gathering, I consent to be filmed or photographed individually or as a group and further consent to the publication of said photographs/film in the SWO/WELCA or synodical web, print, or DVD publications.

Total: $219.95

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